NPNG+ Basic Game Version

               Many of you are looking for a solid game but want to be able to run the game off in 15-30 minutes.  Maybe you’ve tried to play other versions of NPNG only to find that the detail was a little too much.

                In an effort to meet this need, NPNG+ Basic is now available.  And this product is part of a unique tabletop baseball gaming set that attempts to meet the level of depth every gamer needs in tabletop baseball.

                Why do I say “unique”.  NPNG+ starts with a core set of Game Boards that will work across the whole spectrum of NPNG+ games and options.  When you print off the Game Boards, you have everything you need no matter which NPNG+ game option you choose.  And no matter which game options you choose, one dice roll (two dice) will give you the play result a majority of the time.  Two dice rolls will cover all but a sliver of the remaining plays.  That, coupled with options you choose for pitching ratings will allow you to adjust game play you desire and the general amount of time you want to spend playing a game.

                The NPNG+ Master game and player cards will allow you to play NPNG+ just as you already have for years.  The format of the cards has a couple of minor updates.  These cards can be found on the website, NPNG+ Misc tab, under the column labeled “MASTER” in the Player Cards section.  If you like NPNG+ just the way it has been for you, don’t change a thing.  Just play NPNG+ MASTER.

                Today is the day for a second column of Player Cards to be available on the website.  You’ll see a column to the right of the MASTER column labeled BASIC.  These cards remove the requirement (and game time!) to have to check righty vs lefty pitcher-batter confrontations.  In NPNG+ BASIC, there is just one pitcher grade, one control rating, one K rating, and one PHR rating.  Use this one set of ratings regardless of which way the batter bats.  The BASIC game is more like what you may be used to with all stats being combined into one set of ratings.  You’ve had this same functionality before but it required heavy use of the Pitcher Chart.  Now there are Player Cards that make this much easier.

                With ALL versions of NPNG+, you have OPTIONAL use of charts such as those Pitcher Charts just mentioned, Fielding Distribution and UPN (Unusual Play) Distribution – if you like, just use the Play Result Number off the card rather than using Distribution Charts and lastly even Park Factors are optional (though it is recommended that you continue to use them).

NPNG+ Intermediate Game Version

               To complete the NPNG+ Triple Play (Master, Intermediate and Basic), we now have an Intermediate Game Version of NPNG+.  This game plays with the same Game Boards as the Master and Basic games.  The only difference in this version from the other two is in the pitching.  All other game play and options are the same as Basic and Master.  In the Intermediate Version, instead of Lefty-Righty confrontations (MASTER) or combined Pitcher ratings (BASIC), Intermediate introduces something a little different to NPNG+.  All pitchers have two ratings.  There is a
BE rating to be used when the Bases are Empty.  There is a ROB rating to be used when there are one or more Runners on Base.  There is one control rating (walks), K rating (strikeouts) and PHR rating (Pitcher Home Run) rating.  The same options such as Fielding Distributions, Unusual Play Distributions and Park Factors can be used or skipped at your option.  You are encouraged to use all three options.  More complete instructions will follow as I can complete them and get them up to the website at:

              By the way, The Board Reader at this time is not affected by any of these three NPNG+ game versions.  The Board Reader still plays the Master game.

              Info on the NPNG+ Master Game is found in the menu selection NPNG+ Misc.  Everything you need is there and the manuals that come with the NPNG+ Master game are available toward the top of that web page.

NOTE:  NPNG+ development focus is currently on updating The Board Reader (NPNG+ on computer) to an exciting version that will be available soon.  After all seasons have been brought up-to-date for The Board Reader, the updated Master, Intermediate and Basic card and dice sets will be made available.  Thanks for waiting for all of this.  I believe the wait will be well worth it!

NPNG+ Game option Summaries

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