2014 Season
In the Senior Division, it was Washington, St Louis and Los Angeles winning their Divisions. San Francisco beat Pittsburgh in the new one-game Wild Card. St Louis beat Los Angeles and it was San Francisco over Washington in the LDS series. Both series went four games. San Francisco beat St Louis in the NLCS for the right to go to the Series. Justin Morneau (Col) won the batting title at .319. Giancarlo Stanton (Mia) hit 37 dingers and Adrian Gonzalez (LAD) sent 116 teammates home with RBI's. Clayton Kershaw (LAD) picked up 21 wins. Johnny Cueto (Cin) and Adam Wainwright (StL) each had 20 victories on the mound. Kershaw also led the league with a 1.77 ERA. In the Junior Circuit, it was Baltimore, Detroit and Los Angeles picking up Division titles. In the Wild Card game, Kansas City beat Oakland. The LDS's each went three games with KC beating LA and Baltimore over Detroit. KC took out Baltimore in the ALCS sending a surprising Kansas City team to the Series. San Francisco ended the KC dream but it took a hard-fought seven game series to do it. Jose Altuve (Hou) paced Junior Circuit hitters with a batting average of .341. Neson Cruz (Bal) had 40 home runs and Mike Trout (LAA) picked up 111 RBI's. Three pitchers led the league with 18 victories each: Jered Weaver (LAA), Max Scherzer (Det) and Corey Kluber (Cle). Felix Hernandez (Sea) had the best ERA at 2.14.

2013 Season   
It's Boston battling St Louis is a close Series. We've seen some "interesting" plays during the series to say the least. And this was also the season the extra Wild Card team was added. In the Junior Circuit, Tampa Bay beat Cleveland to advance. Boston beat Tampa Bay in four games to go the the league championship. Detroit beat Oakland, the other two Division winners and advanced to play Boston. Boston then took the Detroit series in six games to advance to the series. The batting title again went to Miguel Cabrera (Det) at .348. But Chris Davis (Bal) beat Miggy in both power categories with 53 home runs and 138 RBIs. Anibal Sanchez (Det) posted the best qualifying ERA at 2.57. Max Scherzer (Det) won 21 games.    

The Senior Circuit batting title went to Michael Cuddyer (Col) with an average of .331. Pedro Alvarez (Pit) and Paul Goldschmidt (Ari) shared the lead in home runs with 36 each. Goldschmidt also lead the league in RBIs with 125. In the pitching departments, Clayton Kershaw (LAD) paced the ERA category with an excellent 1.83. It was Adam Wainwright (StL) and Jordan Zimmermann (Was) each with 19 victories to lead in that category. Atlanta, St Louis and Los Angeles won the Division titles. Pittsburgh was the wild card beating Cincinnati in the wild card playoff.

2012 Season 
We had a great season with some exciting finishes. We had some surprises in the post-season games played. In the Senior Circuit, St Louis won the new wild card playoff format over Atlanta. St Louis went on to beat Washington in five games to earn the right to meet San Francisco who beat Cincinnati in five games for the League Championship. In the Junior Circuit, it was Baltimore over Texas in the wild card playoff game. Then New York beat Baltimore and Detroit beat Oakland to earn the right to meet each other in the Junior Circuit Championship. It took San Francisco seven games to put away St Louis and move on to the World Series. In the Junior Circuit, New York folded in four games to Detroit. On to the World Series where Detroit's bats went silent and San Francisco took the Series in four games. Miggy Cabrera (Det) won the triple crown title. That's the first triple crown since Yaz did it in 1967. Cabrera batted .330 with 44 homers and 139 RBI's. In Junior Circuit pitching, David Price (TB) and Jered Weaver (LA) won twenty games each. Price also paced the ERA race with a 2.56 season. In the Senior Circuit it was Buster Posey (SF) winning the batting crown, hitting at a .336 clip. Ryan Braun (Mil) topped SC sluggers with 41 home runs. Gio Gonzalez (Was) won 21 games with R.A. Dickey (NYM) collecting 20 victories. Winning the ERA crown was Clayton Kershaw (LA) with a 2.53 ERA.

1998 Season 
No matter how you felt about the "roids" situation, you had to be excited about some of the rockets leaving ballparks in 1998. In the Senior Circuit, Atlanta took out Chicago in one league series. It was San Diego over Houston in the other league series. And then San Diego won the Senior Circuit over Atlanta to go to the World Series only to be taken out 4 games to 0 by New York. Tom Glavine (Atl) had a 20-win season. Greg Maddux, another member of that elite Atlanta pitching staff, paced the Senior Circuit with a 2.22 ERA. Larry Walker (Col) won the batting title, posting a .363 average. But the most excitement for this particular season had to be watching Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa in a home run race that was truly fun to watch. Mark won the race with 70 shots out of the park. Sammy posted 66 round trippers and received the MVP for his efforts. Now watch McGwire and Sosa launch rockets off your desktop using NPNG. 

In the Junior Circuit, it was Cleveland over Boston 3 games to 1 and New York over Texas in a 3-game sweep. New York beat Cleveland 4 games to 2 to win the Junior Circuit flag and then went on to take the Series over San Diego in a 4-game sweep. This New York team is recognized by many as a Great Team of the Past. Juan Gonzalez (Tex) won the MVP. Griffey Jr (Sea) hit the most round-trippers with 56 and Gonzalez (Tex) had 157 RBI's. Bernie Williams (NYY) took the batting crown with a .339 average. Tops on the mound; Roger Clemens (Tor) had an ERA of 2.65. Roger also had a 20-win season as did Rick Helling (Tex) and David Cone (NY).

1991 Season 
This one took me by surprise a little. In polls taken of sportswriters and fans concerning the favorite season of all time, 1991 ranks right at the top. In the Junior Circuit, Toronto won the East; Minnesota won the West. MVP - Cal Ripken Jr. (Bal). Cy Young - Roger Clemens (Bos). ROY - Chuck Knoblauch (Min). Batting average - Julio Franco (Tex). Home runs - a tie between Jose Canseco (Oak) and Cecil Fielder (Det) at 44. Fielder also led with 133 RBI’s. Two 20-game winners on the mound - Scott Erickson (Min) and Bill Gullickson (Det). Best ERA - Roger Clemens with 2.62. He also had 241 strikeouts. 10 teams finished within 10 games of each other -- only three had losing records.  In the West, all teams had a won-lost record of .500 or better. In the Championship series, Minnesota beat Toronto 4 games to 1. In the exciting series, it was Minnesota over Atlanta -- but it took all seven games to decide it. In the Senior Circuit, Pittsburgh won the East easily. But there was a shootout in the West. Atlanta snuck by Los Angeles by one game and then beat Pittsburgh for the Senior Circuit crown -- in an exciting seven game series. Terry Pendleton (Atl) won the MVP for the season. He had the best batting average, hitting at a .319 clip. Howard Johnson (NYM) hit 38 home runs and 117 RBI's to lead the power categories. Tom Glavine (Atl) was the Cy winner. He also won 20 games as did John Smiley (Pit). Dennis Martinez (Mon) had an ERA of 2.39.

​1989 Season
This was another big year for Oakland. After winning their division, they beat Toronto 4-1 in the League Championship and then swept San Francisco in the "Earthquake Series". An earthquake struck between games 2 and 3 of that series and delayed game three by 10 days. Robin Yount (Oak) was MVP of the Junior Circuit. Bret Saberhagen (KC) won the Cy. Kirby Puckett (Min) won the batting crown -- posting a .339 average. Fred McGriff (Tor) hit 36 home runs and Ruben Sierra (Tex) had 119 RBI's. On the mound, Saberhagen (KC) had 23 wins and Dave Stewart (Oak) had 21. Saberhagen led the league posting a 2.16 ERA. In the Senior Circuit, after winning their respective Divisions, San Francisco beat Chicago 4 games to 1 to earn the right to go to the World Series. Tony Gwynn (SD) banged out hits at a league leading .336 clip. MVP Kevin Mitchell (SF) lead the league in power with 47 home runs and 125 RBI's. On the hill, Chicago got a lot of wins from Greg Maddux (19), Mike Bielecki (18) and Rick Sutcliffe (16) but it was Mike Scott (Hou) leading the league with 20 victories. Scott Garrelts (SF) had the best ERA with 2.28. The Cy went to Mark Davis (SD).

1988 Season - Junior Circuit

The Junior Circuit featured an amazing tight chase for the division flag.  Five teams fought a very close race.  When the dust had settled, it was  Boston on top.  Then it was Detroit at 1 game behind, Milwaukee 2 games, Toronto 2 games and New York at 3 1/2 back.  Wade Boggs (Bos) hit .366.  Jose Canseco (Oak) provided the powerwith 42 home runs and 124 RBI's. Allan Anderson (Min) and Teddy Higera (Mil) had era's of 2.45.  Frank Viola (Min) had 24 wins and also was awarded the Cy.  Dave "Smoke" Stewart (Oak) had 21 wins and Mark Gubicza (KC) had 20.  Roger Clemens (Bos) also rang up 291 K's.  Canseco was MVP.  Oakland (who won 104 regular season games with the help of the "Bash Brothers" (Canseco and McGwire) and solid pitching) won the Junior Circuit flag in four games over Boston but lost to Los Angeles in a five-game world series.  This was the year an injured Kirk Gibson (LAD)  took Eck over the right field fence for a walk off home run and a Series Game 1 victory.

1985 Season
St Louis and Los Angeles won the two divisions in the Senior Circuit.  Willie McGee (StL) won the batting title at .353 and was named the MVP of the Senior Circuit season.  Dale Murphy (Atl) led with 37 round-trippers.  Dave "Cobra" Parker (Cin) had 125 RBI's and Vince "Vincent Van Go" Coleman (StL) swiped 110 bases.  The pitching was dominated by Doc Gooden (NYM).  He led with a 1.53 ERA, 24 wins, 16 complete games and 268 K's.  For his efforts, he collected the Cy.  There were also three other 20+ game winners: John Tudor (StL) with 21, Joaquin Andujar (StL) also 21 and Tom Browning (Cin) at 20.  Cincy beat LA in a six-game run for the top honors in the Senior Circuit.

There were tight races in both divisions of the Junior Circuit.  Toronto won by two games over New York in the East.  Kansas City got by California by one game in the West.  The MVP was Don Mattingly (NYY).  The Cy went to Bret Saberhagen (KC).  The League Championships went to a best-of-seven format.  Wade Boggs (Bos) paced the league with a .368 average.  Darrell Evans (Det) hit 40 home runs and Mattingly (NYY) had 145 RBI’s.  Dave Stieb’s (Tor) 2.48 ERA was the best in the league.  Ron Guidry (NYY) picked up 22 wins, Saberhagen 20.  Kansas City beat Toronto in seven games to go up against St Louis in the I-70 World Series.  And KC took the Series Crown in seven games.

1983 Season 
The 1983 season was the most requested season by current fans of NPNG. The 1983 season featured Philadelphia beating Los Angeles 3 games to 1 in the Senior Circuit playoffs. Philadelphia then went on to lose to Baltimore in the World Series in five games. In the season highlights, Bill Madlock (Pit) lead hitters with a .323 average. Mike Schmidt (Phi) hit 40 home runs to pace the Senior Circuit and Dale Murphy (Atl) collected 121 RBIs and also won the Senior Circuit MVP award. In pitching, Atlee Hammaker (SF) set the pace with an ERA of 2.25. Leading in wins, it was John Denny (Phi) with 19. Lee Smith (CC) collected 29 saves. This was also the year of the famous "pine tar" incident involving George Brett (KC). 

In the Junior Circuit, Baltimore took out Chicago 3 games to 1 to earn the right to go on to the World Series. Wade Boggs (Bos) outpaced the rest of the Junior Circuit hitters with a .361 average. Jim Rice hit 39 home runs to lead the league. On the mound, Rick Honeycutt lead with an ERA of 2.42. LaMarr Hoyt (Chi) won 24 games and collected the Cy Young for it. Cal Ripkin (Bal) was voted the MVP. Ricky Henderson had 108 thefts on the base paths.

1982 Season

In 1982, St Louis beat Milwaukee in a hard fought seven game World Series.  The season MVP’s were Robin Yount (Mil) and Dale Murphy (Atl).  The Cy Young’s went to Pete Vuckovich (Mil) and Steve Carlton (Phi).

In the Junior Circuit, Willie Wilson (KC) won the batting with .332.  Reggie Jackson (Cal) and Stormin’ Gorman Thomas (Mil) each hit 39 home runs.  Hal McRae (KC) knocked in 133 runs.  And “The Man of Steal” Rickey Henderson (Oak) swiped 130 bases. On the mound, LaMarr Hoyt (CHW) had 19 wins.  Rick “The Red Baron” Sutcliffe (Cle) set the pace with a 2.96 ERA and Floyd Bannister (Sea) registered 209 K’s.

Both Divisions were tight races with Milwaukee over Baltimore by one game in the East.  California prevailed over Kansas City by three in the West.  It took Milwaukee five games to beat California 3 games to 2 in the Junior Circuit League Playoffs.  Cal “Iron Man” Ripken Jr (Bal) played the first of what would become a record-breaking 2632 consecutive games played.

1980 Season   
New York won 103 games over 100-game winner Baltimore in the Junior Circuit East. Kansas City breezed to a win in the West. KC swept NY in the Junior Circuit Championship series and went on to lose the Series to Philadelphia in six games. George Brett (KC) flirted with a .400 season but ended up winning it with an average of .390. Reggie Jackson (NYY) and Ben Oglivie (Mil) shared the home run title at 41. Cecil Cooper (Mil) knocked in 122 runs. In the pitching departments it was Rudy May (NYY) winning the ERA title with 2.46. Steve Stone (Bal) won 25 games! The MVP went to Brett and the Cy to Stone. The Senior Circuit featured tight races in both divisions with Philadelphia beating Montreal in the East and Houston beating Los Angeles in the West. Both divisions champs won by one game. It was Philadelphia over Houston in an exciting five-game Senior Circuit championship. Bill Buckner (CC) won the batting crown at .324. Mike Schmidt provided the most power in the Senior Circuit with 48 home runs and 121 RBI's. Don Sutton (LAD) won the top honor for best ERA posting a 2.20. Steve Carlton (Phi) won 24 games and struck out 286 batters. Joe Niekro (Hou) also won 20 games. The Cy was Carlton's and MVP went to Schmidt.

1979 Season 
This was a season for Pittsburgh fans. But there were two good pennant races in this season in the Senior Circuit. Pittsburgh beat Montreal by 2 games in the East. Cincinnati beat Houston by 1 1/2 games in the West. Pittsburgh then swept Cincy in three games for the Senior Circuit crown and the right to meet Baltimore in an exciting seven games series that Pittsburgh won. Keith Hernandez (StL) won the batting title at .344. Dave Kingman (Chi) banged out 48 round-trippers. Dave Winfield (SD) had 118 RBI's. On the mound, the Niekro brothers each won 21! Phil for Atlanta and Joe for Houston. J.R. Richard (Hou) had an ERA of 2.71 and 313 strikeouts. Keith Hernandez (StL) AND Willie Stargell (Pit) shared MVP honors. Bruce Sutter (Chi) won the Cy. In the Junior Circuit, Baltimore beat California 3 games to 1 in the League Championship. Fred Lynn (Bos) won the batting title with a .333 average. Gorman Thomas (Mil) hit 45 dingers. Don Baylor (Cal) had 139 RBI's. On the hill, Ron Guidry (NYY) had an ERA of 2.78. Mike Flanagan (Bal) ended with 23 wins. Two other 20-game winners were Tommy John (NYY) 21 and Jerry Koosman (Min) 20. Nolan Ryan (Cal) fired 223 K's. The MVP went to Don Baylor (Cal) and the Cy to Flanagan (Bal).

1977 Season 
The Junior Circuit's New York proved too tough for all competition in 1977. They beat both Baltimore and Boston for the Division title by 2 1/2 games. They beat Kansas City for the League Championship in five games. And then won the series in six games against Los Angeles. Rod Carew (Min) was the MVP. Carew won the batting title by over 50 points with a blistering .388 average. Jim Rice (Bos) hit 39 home runs and Larry Hisle (Min) knocked in 119 runs. Frank Tanana (Cal) had the best ERA at 2.54. There were three 20-game winners: Jim Palmer (Bal), Dennis Leonard (KC) and Dave Goltz (Min). It should also be mentioned that Nolan Ryan (Cal) had 19 wins and struck out 341 batters! But the Cy went to Sparky Lyle (NY). Los Angeles beat Philadelphia in the Senior Circuit playoffs in four games. The Senior Circuit batting crown was won by Dave Parker (Pit) with a .338. George Foster (Cin) paced the league with 52 home runs and 149 RBI’s. John Candelaria (Pit) had an ERA of 2.34. There were six 20-game winners: Steve Carlton (Phi) with 23, Tom Seaver (NYM and Cin) with 21 and Bob Forsch (St L), Rick Reuschel (CC), Tommy John (LAD) and Candelaria all with 20 victories. Phil Niekro (Atl) had 262 strikeouts. The MVP was George Foster and the Cy went to Steve Carlton.

1975 Season 
Welcome to the Big Red Machine. They won 108 games during the regular season. Then they rolled over Pittsburgh in three straight games in the League Playoffs. And then beat Boston in a seven-game Series. This Cincinnati team is one of the Great Teams of the Past. Joe Morgan (Cin) was the MVP. Tom Seaver (NY) won the Cy Young Award. Bill Madlock (Chi) won the batting title with a .354 average. Mike Schmidt (Phi) hit 38 home runs and Greg Luzinski (Phi) had 120 RBI's. On the mound, Tom Seaver (NY) had 22 wins and 243 strikeouts. Randy Jones (SD) had 20 wins and won the ERA race with a nice 2.24 ERA. In the Junior Circuit, it was Rod Carew (Min) pacing all hitters with a .359 batting average. George Scott (Mil) and Reggie Jackson (Oak) each hit 36 home runs. Scott also led the league in RBIs with 109. Jim Palmer (Bal) had the best qualifying ERA at a stingy 2.09. Catfish Hunter (NYY) along with Palmer each had 23 wins. Frank Tanana (Cal) posted 269 strikeouts. MVP was Fred Lynn (Bos). The Junior Circuit Cy went to, of course, Jim Palmer.

1974 Season 
This season is packed full of personal records being set. Oakland beat Los Angeles in a five game series for their third straight title. Pittsburgh beat St Louis in the closing days of the season to win their Division by a game and a half. Baltimore beat New York by two in their Division. Steve Garvey (LA) and Jeff Burroughs (Oak) were MVP's. Rod Carew (Min) took the Junior Circuit batting title with a .364 average. Fergie Jenkins (Tex) and Catfish Hunter (Oak) won 25 games apiece -- Catfish doing it with a pace-setting 2.49 ERA. Ralph Garr topped the Senior Circuit with a .353 average. Phil Niekro (Atl) and Andy Messersmith (LA) won 20 games each but it was Buzz Capra (Atl) posting an ERA of 2.28. Mike Marshall (LA) pitched in a record-setting 106 games. Lou Brock (StL) stole 118 bases for a record. And this was the year Hammerin' Hank Aaron (Atl) set the all-time home run record -- hitting number 715 in his career on a cold evening in Atlanta on April 8th against Al Downing (LA). 1974 was a season to remember.

1969 Season 
Each league expanded with two new teams in 1969. Kansas City (original team moved to Oakland) and Seattle in the Junior Circuit. San Diego and Montreal (the first team in Canada) were added in the Senior Circuit. Each league was split into two Divisions and post-season playoffs were expanded.  Being a Chicago fan, it hurts to write the rest of this paragraph :) In late August, Chicago had a 9 1/2 game lead. But they managed to lose 10 out of 11 in one stretch and New York passed them. In fact, New York didn't just inch into the playoffs. Chicago ended in second place but 8 games out! In the Senior Circuit West, it was a shootout between five teams with only 2 games separating them on September 10th. Atlanta pulled out the Division crown only to lose three straight to New York in the playoffs. Then the New York miracle continued in the Series -- 4 games to 1 against Baltimore. What a season for New York fans! Pete Rose (Cin) had a .348 average. Willie McCovey (SF) provided the power with 45 home runs and 126 RBI's. Tom Seaver (NY) won 25 games and Juan Marichal (SF) had an ERA of 2.10.  In the Junior Circuit, Baltimore and Minnesota won their Divisions rather easily. Baltimore rolled over Minnesota three straight to win the Junior Circuit and move on to the World Series. Rod Carew (Min) has a .332 batting average to lead the league. Harmon Killebrew banged out 49 home runs and 140 RBI's. Six pitchers won 20 or more games paced by Denny McLain (Det) with 24. Dick Bosman (Was) had a 2.19 ERA. Sam McDowell (Cle) had 279 strikeouts.

1967 Season 
1967 was an interesting year for many reasons. But sticking just with baseball, St Louis edged out Boston in an exciting 7-game series. Roberto Clemente (Pit) took the batting crown in the Senior circuit with a .357 average. Phil Niekro (Atl) led the league with an ERA of 1.87. Mike McCormick (SF) had 22 wins and Fergie Jenkins (Chi) had 20. In the Junior Circuit, Carl Yastrzemski (Bos) paced the league in batting at .326. In the power department, it was Yaz and Harmon Killebrew (Min) with 44 home runs. In RBI's, it was Yastrzemski leading the way with 121. Wait a minute, Yaz's name appears a lot there. A triple-crown! Joe Horlen (Chi) posted an ERA of 2.06. Earl Wilson (Det) and Jim Lonborg (Bos) each had 22 wins. Despite a great MVP season by Yaz, great pitching caused the Junior Circuit to be held to a meager batting average of .236!

1961 Season 
Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle. That's probably all I need to say about this season and you would know what I am talking about. Even if you weren't a New York fan, you had to appreciate the magical summer that these guys provided those of us old enough to remember it. Detroit set a team mark of 101 wins for the season. And they still ended up 8 games out of first! The New Yorkers won 109 games in '61 and are definitely one of the Great Teams of the Past. Maris hit his 61st home run on the last day of the season to wrap an MVP season. Mick had an infection that kept him out of some games in late September and finished with 54 HR's. New York went on to beat Cincinnati 4 games to 1 in the Series. Norm Cash (Det) set the pace with a .361 average. Cy Young winner Whitey Ford (NY) had 25 wins. Dick Donovan (Was) had an ERA of 2.40. This was the first 162-game Junior Circuit season. Also, Washington moved to Minnesota. And a new Washington team was added along with Los Angeles. In the Senior Circuit, Cincinnati beat Los Angeles by four games for the trip to the Series. Roberto Clemente (Pit) won the batting title with a .351 average. Orlando Cepeda (SF) won two power categories with 46 home runs and 142 RBI's. Warren Spahn (Mil) won the ERA race with a 3.02 ERA. Spahn and Joey Jay (Cin) each had 21 wins.

1959 Season 
It's fun just to browse through the lineup sheet and look at all the star names in this season! In the Senior Circuit Los Angeles beat Milwaukee by 2 games and San Francisco by 4. Over in the Junior Circuit, Chicago won the pennant over Cleveland by 5 games. The MVP's were Ernie Banks and Nellie Fox. Harvey Kuenn (Det) paced the Junior Circuit with a .353 average. Colavito (Cle) and Killebrew (Was) led the League with 42 homers apiece. Early Wynn (Chi) won 22 games and Hoyt Wilhelm (Bal) had an ERA of 2.19. In the Senior Circuit, Aaron (Mil) had the best batting average at .355. Eddie Mathews (Mil) led with 46 home runs. Jones (SF), Burdette (Mil) and Spahn (Mil) ALL had 21 victories on the mound! Jones (SF) also paced the league in ERA at 2.83. In the Series, it was Los Angeles (SC) over Chicago (JC) in six.

1957 Season 
This was the last season in New York for both Brooklyn and New York - both Senior Circuit teams. Milwaukee won the Senior Circuit by 8 games and went on to win the Series over New York (Junior Circuit) 4-3. Stan Musial (StL) paced the Senior Circuit in batting hitting at a .351 clip. MVP Hammerin' Hank Aaron (Mil) provided power with 44 homers. Cy Young winner Warren Spahn (Mil) won 21 games on the mound. Johnny Podres (Bro) had a 2.66 ERA to lead pitchers. In the Junior Circuit, Ted Williams (Bos) hit a spectacular .388! Roy Sievers (Was) led the Junior Circuit in the power departments with 42 home runs and 114 RBI's. The Mick (Mantle) won the MVP. Bobby Shantz (NY) had an ERA of 2.45. Jim Bunning (Det) and Billy Pierce (Chi) each won 20 games.

1953 Season 
This season began with a new team in Milwaukee (moving from Boston). This was the first move by a Big League team in fifty years. Brooklyn paced the Senior Circuit with 105 wins. But New York took them out in the Series 4 games to 2. Roy Campanella (Bro) took the MVP. Carl Furillo (Bro) took the batting title, posting a .344 average. Eddie Mathews (Mil) hit 47 home runs. Warren Spahn (Mil) had a banner year leading the Senior Circuit in ERA at 2.10 and wins at 23. Robin Roberts (Phi) also picked up 23 victories. In the Junior Circuit, who else, New York. The MVP was Al Rosen (Cle). The batting title went to Mickey Vernon (Was) at .337. Al Rosen had 43 home runs and 145 RBIs to pace the league. On the hill, there were four 20-game winners: Bob Porterfield (Was) with 22, Mel Parnell (Bos) and Bob Lemon (Cle) with 21 and Virgil Trucks (SLB / CWS) with 20 (on two teams). The best qualifying ERA was Eddie Lopat (NYY) with 2.42.

1949 Season 
New York beat Boston by just one game in an exciting Junior Circuit season. New York then went on to defeat Brooklyn in the Series 4 games to 1. The MVP was Ted Williams (Bos) and the RotY went to Roy Sievers (StL). George Kell (Det) won the Batting Crown with a .343 average. Williams (Bos) and Vern Stephens (Bos) hit 43 round-trippers apiece. On the mound, Mel Parnell (Bos) won 25 games. His teammate Ellis Kinder had 23 victories. Mike Garcia (Cle) posted a league-leading ERA of 2.36. There were five 20-game winners that year in the Junior Circuit. In the Senior Circuit, Brooklyn won by just one game over St Louis! Jackie Robinson (Bro) won the batting crown with a .342 average. Ralph Kiner (Pit) blasted 54 home runs and knocked in 127 runs to provide the power. Warren Spahn (BSN) won 21 games on the mound. Howie Pollet (StL) won 20. Dave Koslo (NYG) posted an ERA of 2.50. (This seemed to be a big year to assign the nickname "Lefty". And at least one nickname is mispelled on purpose. I'll trust you to look up the history on a couple of those.)

1939 Junior Circuit 
The 1939 Junior Circuit was dominated by another New York team rightfully accepted as a Great Team from the Past. They won the JC by 17 games over Boston with a 106-win performance. They then swept Cincinnati in the Series 4 games to 0.  In offense, Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio (NYY) won the Batting Crown at .381. But Boston provided some power with 35 home runs from Jimmy Foxx and 145 RBI’s from rookie Ted Williams leading the league. In pitching, Lefty Grove (Bos) led with a 2.54 ERA. There were four 20-game winners: Bob Feller (Cle) with 24, Red Ruffing (NYY) with 21, and two 20-game winners in Dutch Leonard (Wsh) and Bobo Newsom (SLB and Det). This was also the year of farewell by Lou Gehrig.

1929 Junior Circuit 
Philadelphia, another team considered as a Great Team from the Past, won the Junior Circuit by 18 games over New York. They then beat Chicago in the Series 4 games to 1. Lew Fonseca (Cle) paced the league in batting at .369. Babe Ruth (NYY) hit 46 homes runs and Al Simmons (PHA) knocked in 157 runs to provide the power. Lefty Grove (PHA) took the ERA crown at 2.81. George Earnshaw (PHA) won 24 games. Wes Ferrell (Cle) had 21 wins and Lefty Grove had 20.

1927 Junior Circuit 
The awesome New York team, judged by many as the Greatest Team from the Past, won 110 games in a 154 game season. Harry Heilmann (Det) won the batting crown nearly cracking the .400 mark with a .398 average. Babe Ruth (NYY) set the homerun mark that has endured history with 60. The RBI crown went to teammate Lou Gehrig (NYY) with 175. New York pitching had the best three ERA's with Wilcy Moore setting the pace at 2.28, Waite Hoyt at 2.63 and Urban Shocker posting a 2.84. Hoyt won 22 games. Tying Hoyt was Ted Lyons (CHW) with his 22 victories. Lefty Grove (PHA) won 20. Lou Gehrig won the MVP. New York went on to win the Series with four straight wins over Pittsburgh.

1908 Season 

Remember when Chicago (Senior Circuit) was the World Series Champs? Neither do I. But, we can now be reminded on our desktops as they are ready to go in NPNG. Keep in mind, this was NOT an easy victory for Chicago! This season had a critical makeup game that decided the Senior Circuit winner, forfeited games -- it was not pretty. But when the dust settled at the end of the regular season, Pittsburgh and New York were a game behind Chicago. Then Chicago took Detroit in a five-game Series. Honus Wagner (Pit) (though announcing his retirement prior to the 1908 season) won the batting crown with a .354 season. He also had 109 RBI's to top the league. It was deadball baseball though and Tim Jordan (Bro) hit 12 homers to "pace" the league. Christy Mathewson (NYG) was "king of the hill" with 37 wins, 1.43 ERA and 259 K's. Oh, Wagner played until 1917, retiring again before the season, played sparingly in the 1917 season anyway before hanging up the spikes on a great career. In the Junior Circuit, Detroit won the Division by a half game over Cleveland and a game and a half over Chicago. Ty Cobb (Det) had a .324 average. Ed Walsh (Det) won 40 games!


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