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new!  1907 senior circuit player cards!

new!  1908 board reader!

new!  1908 junior circuit player cards!

new!  1908 senior circuit player cards!

1927 board Reader

1927 junior circuit player cards

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Welcome to National Pastime -
Next Generation (NPNG+) baseball! NPNG+ is the game that allows YOU to manage the Big League teams and players.  NPNG+ consists of game boards, player cards and dice. The player cards are carefully calculated based on their actual stats to give you accurate performance from each and every player who played in professional baseball. It’s then up to you to either use each player as their real life manager used them for excitingly accurate replay results OR use them differently to see if you can out-manage the performance of the actual manager.               

NPNG+ is based on the original game National Pastime. A host of additional ratings, options and plays have been added. The playing boards have been fine-tuned to reflect more accurate base advancement on hits and most every type of play that occurs in professional baseball. Several features have also been added to make NPNG+ one of the best tabletop baseball games available today. NPNG+ is designed to give you the ease of play the National Pastime game was known for with the accuracy that can be obtained with today’s stats, computer tools and additions to the game.               

You can replay a season -- or a portion of a season. Or you can play against competing managers. Or you can draft players into your own team(s) and play solitaire or head-to-head. Keep score or just play for fun.  It’s up to you how you wish to use NPNG+.  You make the lineups, you decide when to make the substitutions, you adjust your defense, you decide all of the strategy -- every decision a manager must make in the real game is yours to make in NPNG+!               

A new set of player cards is offered each year based on the prior season’s statistics.  In addition, seasons from the past are also added regularly. Play teams or all star teams from the past against the teams of today. Play how YOU want to play.               

Learn more about the features of NPNG+ (and NPNG) by visiting each section of this site using the menu choices at the very top.

NPNG was the original game and is still available on the Menu at the top of this page.  Just click on "MISC".  The updated game is called NPNG+ and is available by clicking "NPNG+ Misc" in the same Menu above. 


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